Friday, August 1, 2008

Audacity: Software noise Reduction

So you added id3 tags to all your media, but still you would be happier if none of your those great mp3 had that tape hissing noise. No worries, Open Source to the rescue
First you'll need to get a few tools all free
1. Audacity available here(
2. Lame: available here

So ready to go?
Just fire up the easy audacity installation extract the lame to any permanent folder you may want(maybe windows???)
1. Now start audacity from you start menu and import your mp3 file by dragging it into audacity window. Next select the 'Selection Tool' using the first icon just below the file menu.

2. You may now want to choose some noise only region of you audio track, most like at start or end

3. next goto noise removal in effects menu just click on generate noise profile
4. Select the whole tract using edit select-> all
5. fire up the same window again(effect-> noise removal) and this time you may want to preview the audio by clicking the preview button. You may move the bar almost to the left at start which is usually sufficient.
After you are satisfied just selct remove noise
6. Goto file and select export as mp3 here it will ask for file name etc. and also for lame encoder. Just guide it to the place where you extracted the lame encoder dll file. All done Enjoy noise free music this weekend

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