Thursday, July 24, 2008

Add Album information to you media library

So you have got lot of mp3's maybe unorganized or sometimes organized into folder but containing no or wrong album info.
Here's a method to do it easily, without any additional downloads apart from you good old windows media player.
So To get going just add all your media to windows media library if you don't already have it:
1.In file(alt-F) menu select add to library
2. In the next window just cick on add and lead it to your songs folder

It will add new files to your library and you are ready to get going
Goto your library tab next and its better to use the library or songs view so that you can know which songs have partial information.
So for any song for which you need media information just right click on it and select find media info, media player will search for appropriate information and show you the results and you can select the one that suits you

No here is the most important trick if you know multiple songs are from same album just selet them all and then choose find media info, This should greatly improve the search and more often than not , there will be only one result and you can just click on finish to get the album info

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