Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Death Magnetic vs Black Ice

hmmmmmmm, i don't know what made me write this post, probably just the excitment of two great albums i got to hear in such a shor period of time. Metallica has always been a favourite, though there is no ac/dc which you don't like. So i would rather say the new albums got me really excited.
Death Magnetic has as expected metallica's creative and innovative touches. With parts of songs going really good. But black ice really got me thumping. With death magnetic i felt the music has gone close to there first album rather than the more mature music they played later(not meaning in anyway that one was better than other) but still all tracks did feel new.Now listening to Black Ice you can really kind of at once say that its ac/dc with the same style as there previous albums but why change when you are so good at some thing and rather can improve upon, I really felt it is ac/dc at there best.

So which album do you say is better, Which one would you chose to listen whole your life if you were to be left at a lonlly island. For me i guess black ice closly edges over death magnetic. what about all others