Sunday, August 31, 2008

orkut in colleges

For all bitsians and others trapped to restricted access use this basic proxy(For Orkut check the tutorial below),Atleast you can hope it won't be blocked soon, buzz me when it does and i'll give you another link)


Orkut tutorial

open the poxy site
goto , make sure you have the followiing settings selected
everything ticked except rotate 13 and strip title

now login normally until you reach the google accounts invalid page

in the poxy url bar -- remove the part in url before "http://orkut" and remove the single quote form end
click go again and you have working orkut

You may get some javascript missing problems, in that case click on using orkut from mobile, and again remove the quote and part before http://m.orkut

The mobile orkute is perfect for slow net connection with almost all the features you may need


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