Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The name

Thought I should clarify it in first post itself where does the name come form. Firstly this post shall not pertain to any specific topic, but utterly random(as it seems) collection of material from any where i feel about. But why pseudo then. One obvious reason i couldn't get the url absolutelyrandom.blogspot.com. But a more technical reason is actually these posts won't be quite random but actully depending upon my mood which further depends on millions of factors, hence pseudo random. Huh where does really come from, i couldn't even get pseudorandom.blogspot.com

So how do i feel today:-
utterly bored hence u see me just typing out this random stuff just so that i can pass my type. If you are bany sensible person i suppose you won't be coming to this blog again but that wasn't my purpose. This post just help me waste 10 mins and that too freeof cost thanks to blogger.com
So you still reading then better wait for my next post. Hope thisone keeps you thinking till then


sahil said...

ki ho gaya bai chaati tenu...[;)]

mcm341 said...
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