Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Cube Inc

I have always believed in never giving up without a fight and more so you are never defeated until you give up willingly. So any person who thinks so and takes up a job is in no way a follower or rather probably doesn't even understands this philosphy(Obviously only if his aims match with me).

If you aim to rise high, go get a job and work hard, but if you want to be at the absolute top, that way is not for you. No matter how high you rise working at 'a google', you will never be higher than page and brin. So how do you beat them???You definitly don't go behind them, you make your own path.

So many successful people are dropouts, why??? Many people i know like it put it this way that not all dropouts are successful. Sure, but its not 'dropping out' thats important, but the fact that those who are successful when they did find their direction,didn't go fetching stuff that wasn't important. When a person aims to makes billions, he probably requires to more than double his wealth every year, so wasting an year, you may end up at just 500 million. Isn't it a clear reason for those who think that maybe taking a job for 1-2 yrs will help one stabalise are wrong. Yes i don't say it wouldn't stabalise.But what's at stake is some loosing a small part of probability to be no.1, you may have many folded the probability of being the 100th, but is being 100th good enough???, isn't every bit of being 1st worth risking everything else for.Worse the job would put one to a habit of accepting mediocrity. After all the company effects, when you work along others working at probably 10% of there already low capacity, very soon you'll be the same too.
So how about going for m.s after all you get so much time to work, plus you get to learn,plus you resume is improved and you build contacts. But who are you building the resume to show off too? If nothing else my undergrad degree taught me atleast this that no formal curriculum is worth bit of devoted time. The worse it would do, is give one a sense of security, that there are still 2 years but what is needed is a sense or urgency. Forget all time considerations, do you think what you'll be taught would be worth 40+ lacs of fees, i wouldn't value the knowledge as the rise in my value in front of others(read employers) but my value in my own eyes.

Some times I think that maybe its all sour grapes, or maybe i am just a coward who doesn't want to face placement thinking them as important but all summed up i think i made up this decision far before i realized life is tough and its just that i never decided to give up the same as many other is c doing. Doesn't everybody in his childhood think that he will be the most successful person in the world, where does it all go, when does one decide to settle to lower levels, why does every failure lower ones expectations from himself.Aren't those who failed you are just ordinary people, have you even once been told no by someone whom you actually respect. If not that they were definitly not your failures but missed opportunities of those who failed you.

Just think of it once, are you going the same route as you have always wished? if not give up what ever you are doing right and go chase your dream.Otherwise do get a plan ready on how you are going to face yourself when you see someone else living your dream life. Nothing puts it life better than the lyrics of cup of life

And when you feel the heat. The world is at your feet
No one can hold you down. If you really want it
Just steal your destiny. Right from the hands of fate
Reach for the cup of life. 'Cause your name is on it
Do you really want it...(YEAH)

Cube Inc is my effort to make my dream true.

P.S-Actual reason for this post was to provides some relevant links to, but i think it went to far away from it to be any useful for the same

P.P.S- Go watch gone with the wind or The Shawshank Redemption or persuit to happiness when you are feeling you can't fight anymore.

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